Gentlemens Practice


At Gentlemen’s Practice, we understand that style is a tenuous concept, it’s continuously changing and constantly evolving, which can be extremely expensive. Keeping up with trends is both difficult and time consuming, searching for the right accessories to complement your outfit, but most of all it drains your bank account! We created Gentlemen’s Practice as a place for “Dapper Gents” to visit and be assured that we have taken the legwork out of that search, and created them for you at affordable prices. It’s a place to come and practice being a Gentleman, with confidence, without breaking the bank.
We strive to keep the product mix fresh so that you will always look dapper. Best of all, we have an ever rotating product list to help you explore new items and trends, whilst keeping up to date with ever-evolving styles. Why do we do it? Because every day should be a Dapper day! Gareth Phoenix Owner – Gentlemen’s Practice